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Patañjali. Patañjali's Yoga Sūtra: Translation, Commentary and Introduction. Translated by S. Ranganathan. Edited by S. Ranganathan, Black Classics. Delhi: Penguin Black Classics, 2008.    

Students of Yoga and Philosophy will find an accessible translation and commentary here, that relates Yoga to the practical questions of the practitioner. 

This is the first and only translation of the Yoga Sūtra composed on the basis of cutting edge research in Ethics, Philosophy of Language, South Asian Philosophy, and Translation Studies. 


This translation was Dr. Ranganathan's project as he wrote his PhD dissertation: Translating Evaluative Discourse: The Semantics of Thick and Thin Concepts. 

The translation process was hence not only informed by the best research on Translation Studies at the time, but it also informed the Dissertation, which defended an approach to translation that prevented translators from using their beliefs as filters for translation. 

A distinguishing feature of this translational approach is that it departs from the standard practice of translating South Asian Philosophy, which consisted in the projecting of beliefs of the translator on to the text. 

Published via Penguin India, copies are often available via online book sellers. Autographed copies are available from Yoga Philosophy

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