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Both philosophy and yoga are matters of importance to children too. After all, its in childhood that we begin asking questions. 

Those who signup for the Yoga Philosophy list will receive Yoga Philosophy content for children, including the E-Paper "The Importance of Yoga" by Keshava Ranganathan in French and English, with some help in the research department from his father, Dr. Shyam Ranganathan. In this (grade 4) paper one learns about the importance of Yoga for one's mind and body, for being a good person, and for helping others. 

Many do not know that M.K. Gandhi's platform of direct action is traceable to the Yoga Sūtra, and hence so are movements inspired by Gandhi's example (like Martin Luther King's American Civil Rights movement).   Read "The Importance of Yoga" to find out more!


Child yogi Prahlada meditating with elephant

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