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Yoga Philosophy is for students and practitioners of Yoga who want to get the most out of their yoga practice, and for students of philosophy who want to understand the important yet often hidden contribution Yoga makes to philosophical understanding, problem solving and decolonization. 

Students of Yoga Philosophy are taught the skills they need to unpack and understand the Yoga tradition in a world of diverse options. These very skills are the skills we need to solve our problems, and live happy and thriving lives in an equitable and inclusive world of diversity. 

Yoga Philosophy is an accredited yoga school (CYA-RYSGOLD) and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider --- which means that all Yoga Philosophy courses contribute to professional development and continuing education hours. 

Yoga Philosophy is the only Yoga School offering Yoga Philosophy certification that is run by a professional philosopher and operates according to standards of professional philosophy as taught in accredited and reputable universities.  Yoga Philosophy's founder, Dr. Ranganathan, conducted pivotal research in the history of philosophy that shows the important and neglected contribution Yoga makes to our global heritage of options. Join Yoga Philosophy courses to deepen an existing yoga practice, or to learn about Yoga, the rich tradition of philosophy that it is a part of, all of which contributes to our knowledge, understanding and quality of life!  

Wooden Carvings in a Monastery
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