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Yoga Philosophy Courses

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Yoga Philosophy  Courses

5 Varieties of Learning Products

Yoga Philosophy offers five varieties of learning products

(1) Subscription Courses (video lectures with live support form Dr. Ranganathan)

(2) 4 Week Intensives (video lectures with live support form Dr. Ranganathan)

(3) Personal Consultations (only live support from Dr. Ranganathan)

(4) Yoga Philosophy Streaming (Monthly topical video lecture content only)

(5) and Yoga Philosophy 100 Hour Certification. 

Subscription Yoga Philosophy


Study at your own pace and schedule with Yoga Philosophy Subscription Courses 

These courses are self-directed and consist in a combination of video lectures, and weekly, Q and A, virtual tutorials. Students can log on via Zoom to discuss their questions in real time, or send them in advance by email to have answers to these questions posted as recordings to the class.

The typical subscription term is 2 months, which means that you can begin and comfortably complete the course within that time. However, if you wish to stay longer for the discussion and Q and A support while having continued access to the video content, students can subscribe for longer. 

4 Week Intensive 

Yoga Philosophy Courses

The 4 week intensive courses are meant for advanced students who wish to be in close contact with Dr. Ranganathan as they progress through the teaching content. Students have two year access to the video lecture content, bespoke, weekly Q and A support from Dr. Ranganathan, which accommodates student schedules, and are offered a bonus, 1 hour personal consultation, valued at $198. 


Yoga Philosophy is unusual as it is instruction on yoga and philosophy by a yogi who is a professional philosopher, author of over 50 peer reviewed publications, who specializes in translation, South Asian philosophy, and Yoga. Now students of Yoga Philosophy can earn two levels of certification, either for their own edification, or to set themselves apart as qualified to teach yoga philosophy (including yoga ethics) Yoga Philosophy Certification shows to others that your guidance and teaching on Yoga Philosophy is also informed by such research and expertise. Students who successfully complete certification will also gain Dr. Shyam Ranganathan as a reference for Yoga Philosophy job applications. Certification is mainly available to students who: (a) are practicing yoga themselves (broadly conceived, including āsana practice, or meditation) OR (b) have degrees in philosophy or religious studies. Certification adds to significant work that students have been doing already. To earn your Level 1, Yoga Philosophy certification, purchase this qualifying course (through which you will be tested) and complete the four required course that contribute to the 100 hours of training in the Level 1 certification program. Level 2 100 hour certification will follow the same template and will be open to students who successfully complete Level 1 Certification. 

1 Hour consultation

For those who wish to discuss philosophical matters, or perhaps engage in a review of their Yoga business, Dr. Ranganathan offers a 1 hour consultation. Those who wish to engage Dr. Ranganathan for a significant review of projects or concerns are invited to contact Dr. Ranganathan for a free initial consult to discuss scope of work. For those who wish explore philosophical matters already affoot, this is a great opportunity to draw on Dr. Ranganathan's 25 years of research and extensive peer reviewed knowledge about yoga and philosophy. 

Yoga Philosophy Streaming

Yoga Philosophy Streaming includes new, monthly content that addresses current challenges in light of Dr. Ranganathan's extensive ​research in philosophy and practice of yoga. While this contains no personal Q and A support, it is the most modestly priced offering and promises to enrich and support yogis as they deepen their practice. 

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Dr. Shyam Ranganathan is a Canadian Yoga Alliance Certified Experienced, Gold, Yoga Teacher with over 1000 hours of training 

Over 4000 students

Over 20000 Teaching Hours

Distinguished for its foundation in research and scholarship on Yoga and Philosophy

Dr. Ranganathan is a Research Leader in Translating Philosophy and the Study of Indian Ethics and Moral Philosophy, 

He is translator of the Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra (Penguin 2008),


Author of 50 peer reviewed publications overlapping philosophy and yoga,


Member of the Department of Philosophy and York Center for Asian Research, York University, and

Your Internet Yoga Philosophy Prof.


Shyam holds an MA in South Asian Studies, and an MA and PhD in Philosophy

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Yoga Philosophy is a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider

Check out our American Philosophical Association Write up: Parts 1 and 2. 
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