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Yearly Course Schedule 

Yoga Philosophy provides FREE, cutting-edge, research based knowledge and instructional material on both topics, Yoga and Philosophy, produced and curated by Dr. Shyam Ranganathan and (future) special guests. 









For our growing list of reference videos, please see our Video Page

For those who wish to have access to Yoga Philosophy insight into challenges facing practitioners of yoga,  we have started an inexpensive monthly subscription service: Yoga Philosophy Streaming.


In addition we offer deep dive courses into Yoga Philosophy  and Teacher Training for: 


  • practicing yogis 

  • yoga teachers

  • wellness professionals 

Entry Level Courses

  • Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra: Beyond the Surface, Abiding in One’s Essence. Offered annually, May and November. 

This one month, in dept introduction to the philosophy of Yoga and its foundational text offers students a combination of expert video lectures, and weekly virtual tutorials where students can ask and have their questions answered by Dr. Ranganathan. For a limited time, students also are given a 1 hour private consultation with Dr. Ranganathan. All students gain membership in a community of alumni where questions and discussions of yoga philosophy continue, with the moderation of Dr. Ranganathan. Students also have a life time access to the course. This course is a prerequisite for Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training.

  •  Manifesting Prosperity and SuccessPatañjali’s Yoga SūtraOffered annually, April and October. 


This one month course offers a practical, goal oriented exploration of the philosophy of yoga as a tool for self success. In this course, we examine the cross over between the project of yoga, and critical thinking exercises that allow yogis to manifest knowledge, control and success. We will examine how yoga is a philosophy of practical prosperity and how not to fall into tempting but wasteful endeavors by sticking as a development of our own yogic practice. The course will be delivered as a combination of video lectures, and weekly live tutorials. For a limited time, students also are given a 1 hour private consultation with Dr. Ranganathan. Students who take this course for a limited time are eligible for a 40% discount for other Yoga Philosophy courses.   

Teacher Training

Yoga Philosophy is an essential part of yoga teacher training. However, philosophy is an academic discipline, as is the study of yoga.  Yoga accrediting bodies do not regulate the teaching of yoga philosophy as this topic typically falls outside of their scope and expertise.   Yoga Philosophy offers a solution to this shortfall. Starting 2020, Yoga Philosophy will offer four levels of Yoga Philosophy accreditation. 

Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training Level 1 (January)

Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training Level 2 (June)

Yoga Philosophy Teacher Training Level 3 (July)

Yoga Philosophy Scholar (August)

Students who successfully complete each level will be certified by Yoga Philosophy. Successful candidates will also receive a personal reference letter from Dr. Shyam Ranganathan. All courses consists of a mixture of video lectures, quizzes, written assignment, and oral examination. Students will have three months from the start of the class to complete assignments. 

Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra: Beyond the Surface, Abiding in One’s Essence is a prerequisite for Level 1. Students must have participated in the weekly tutorials of Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtra: Beyond the Surface, Abiding in One’s Essence to be eligible to enroll in teacher training. Successful completion of the prior level is required for advanced certification. 

Future Courses 

With a grounding in both philosophy and the correlative study of yoga, 

the near future, we will also be providing Yoga Philosophy courses for activists, engaged in political action in keeping with the values of yoga, starting with ahiṃsā (harmlessness) 

More Information

For our current and upcoming courses, please see our Thinkific Site . Prices listed do not include applicable discounts for Yoga Teachers, and Academics (grad students and college and university professors). Limited scholarships also available for students. For more information about please do contact us.  To be informed of upcoming courses and promotional discounts, sign up

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Yoga Philosophy was founded by Dr. Shyam Ranganathan, a philosopher, researcher, scholar, translator, author and teacher. For more information on Dr. Ranganathan's work,  please see here. 

He is a member of the Department of Philosophy, and York Center for Asian Research, York University, Toronto. For a selection of relevant publications, see here.  

Dr. Shyam Ranganathan

Upcoming Mini Courses and Webinars

In support of the continuity of the practice of yoga in these difficult times, I am making available a free mini-training. I'm keeping it relatively short (2 hours) so that people can afford the time and so that they do not get overwhelmed by philosophy (it happens!).  It is called "Protection and Prosperity" and (you guessed it) we will be learning about how Yoga affords protection for the things we value and how this forms the foundations for success. 

I'm offering it on Sunday March 29 2020:  


PST 7:00 am/EST 10:00 am/GMT 2:00 pm

PST 11:00 am/EST 2:00 pm/GMT 6:00 pm


Please click on the time you prefer to register. There are a limited number of spaces, so please sign up sooner than later. It's free, and counts as continuing education hours.