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Level 1 Yoga Philosophy 100 Hour Certification Graduates 

To be part of this list, students complete the  Level 1, 100 Hours of Yoga Philosophy Training, spanning the European, Chinese and Indian traditions --- with a focus on Yoga as a basic philosophical option. To graduate students must either pass an oral examination or submit a successful paper demonstrating their knowledge of the material.  Finally, to stay on this list, graduates must reflect the values of Yoga, especially as set out in the Yamas and Niyamas. Dr. Shyam Ranganathan, having taught and examined each graduate, is excited to recommend these teachers and practitioners as competent to speak and teach about Yoga Philosophy in the context of various modalities of yoga practice.  

Dr. Alexandre Barchechat (Fall 2021)

Philippe Alexis (Fall 2021)

Mandi King (Winter 2022)

Alena Goldstein (Winter 2022)

Sarah Di Ganci (Winter 2022)

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