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Yoga/Meditation School Owners

Dear Yoga Educator AND Yoga Student

YogaPhilosophy.Com provides the only decolonized, research and teaching experienced based instruction on Yoga Philosophy that meets standards of professional philosophy instruction of credible and accredited universities with thriving philosophy departments. In contrast to most all yoga philosophy education on the market, not delivered by a professional philosopher with a PhD in philosophy and with research specialization in Yoga and South Asian philosophy, YogaPhilosophy.Com is an unusual exception. With Yoga Philosophy, students learn about Yoga and Philosophy. 

YTT Support 

YogaPhilosophy.Com (Dr. Shyam Ranganathan) provides expert, cost-effective content to fulfill the yoga philosophy and yoga humanities content of Yoga Teacher Trainings according to Yoga Alliance and other Yoga governance institutions. Students hence benefit from Dr. Ranganathan's extensive research and teaching experience. 

Level 1 and 2 100 Hour Yoga Philosophy Certification

Dr. Ranganathan has formulated the first 100 Hour Yoga Philosophy Certification that meets the pedagogical standards of professional philosophy instruction, of the sort delivered at top tier university, philosophy departments. 

If you are interested in either, please contact us! 

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Yoga Philosophy courses are taught online with a combination of lectures and live virtual tutorials where students can have their questions answered by a research expert with extensive teaching experience. 


Dr. Ranganathan's translation of the Yoga Sūtra

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