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Dhyāna (Limb 7)
Part 2 of the Three Part


The second of the limbs discussed in Book III of the Yoga Sūtra---the 7th of the 8 limbs---is  dhyāna---abstract, transformative reflection. It is the second of the three limbs described in Book III as what one does 'with yama' --- saṃyama. These last three limbs are sometimes presented as something one does cross legged, with eyes closed. But the actual description of these three limbs together depict them as the activity of power building and research that allow a yogi to be prosperous.  


tatra pratyayaika-tānatā dhyānam


tatra = in that (location), there

pratyaya = condition (from the verb root  = ‘to go’ + prati ‘against, back’)

eka = one

tānatā = continuous, uninterrupted succession

dhyānam = reflection, especially profound and abstract

In that is the condition for the singular, uninterrupted reflection of a an abstract and transformative character. 

(YS III.2)

Translation by Dr. Shyam Ranganathan. All Rights Reserved.

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