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Add YogaPhilosohy's High Quality Content to Your YTT 


Yoga Philosophy courses can fit right into your Yoga Teacher Training as we are accredited to provide continuing education and to participate in Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Option 1


Include any YogaPhilosophy.Com course in ​your YTT at a group discount. One instructor gets free access to the course for every 5 enrolled students. 

YogaPhilosophy offers courses that cover all content required for Yoga Humanities portions of YTTs.

YogaPhilosophy also provides other courses, such as Introductory Sanskrit, also available with group discounts, which will elevate your school's offerings. 

These courses come with video lectures and live instruction in tutorials. Including YogaPhilosophy courses in your YTT or other trainings not only reduces the heavy lifting of facilitating this instruction on your end, it also raises the quality of what you are offering your students. All YogaPhilosophy courses are taught by experts on the topic with extensive teaching experience, introducing challenging material to begining students.  

Students will remember your trainings as exceptional with the inclusion of YogaPhilosophy.Com content. 

Distinguish your trainings by including YogaPhilosophy courses.  

Option 2


Adopt Dr. Ranganathan's book, Yoga--Anticolonial Philosophy as your Yoga Humanities text for your YTT or other trainings and Dr. Ranganathan will provide a free hour of live interaction over zoom, or in person if possible. 

Yoga---Anticolonial Philosophy was written with the needs of YTTs in mind. It covers all the essential texts and topics that ought to be addressed in Yoga Humanities and Yoga Philosophy sections of YTTs. The book also comes with a free online course. 


If you are teaching in the continental US, contact YogaPhilosophy for copies of Yoga--Anticolonial Philosophy at a discount, and with free shipping. 

Contact us in advance of offering this to your students to take advantage of discounts on the book and the free live lecture. 


Level 1 and 2 100 Hour Yoga Philosophy Certification

Dr. Ranganathan, fonder of YogaPhilosophy.Com, has formulated the 100 Hour Yoga Philosophy Certifications that meets the pedagogical standards of professional philosophy instruction, of the sort delivered at top tier university, philosophy departments. Like all quality university education, it assumes nothing and brings students along to full comprehension of challenging material. If you are interested in sharing this opportunity with your students as a revenue partner, contact us.  

Contact us

If you are interested in pursuing these options, please book a call so we can chat about details of groups discounts and how we can help you include YogaPhilosophy content in your offerings. 

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Yoga Philosophy courses are taught online with a combination of lectures and live virtual tutorials where students can have their questions answered by a research expert with extensive teaching experience. 

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Dr. Ranganathan's translation of the Yoga Sūtra

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