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Dear Studio Owner,

I am Dr. Shyam Ranganathan, MA (Philosophy), MA (South Asian Studies), and PhD (Philosophy). I am a member of the Department of Philosophy, and the York Center for Asian Research, York University, Toronto.  

After twenty years of research on both Yoga and Philosophy, lots of peer reviewed publications, and lots of teaching (over 3000 students and counting), I have decided to open Yoga Philosophy ( to help students, practitioners and teachers of yoga, deepen and enrich their practice with a research based knowledge of yoga and philosophy.   Anyone can join Yoga Philosophy by visiting the website.

The Yoga Philosophy list is free to join: members receive free yoga philosophy content in their inbox, starting off with my short E-Paper, "What is Philosophy and what does it have to do with Yoga," followed by a short video on "Smart Phone Addiction and the Four Noble Truths," followed by further free content that members can use to support their growth as practitioners of yoga or meditation---including free webinars.  I am writing to you to invite you to join the free list and I would be grateful if you could point your members in this direction too so they also can receive free yoga philosophy content. 

I plan on offering comprehensive, in-depth, research based courses on the philosophy of yoga. Yoga Philosophy members will be invited to join a wait list for such courses. If they are interested and join such a wait list, they will be given the opportunity to join a paid course.  Yoga Philosophy members who choose not to find out more about a product, or choose not to join the wait list, will never be sold a course or a product they have not signed up to find out more about, allowing them to continue to receive free yoga philosophy content without the annoyance of enduring unwanted sales pitches. For all Yoga Philosophy members, my primary aim is to be of help. 

I am also hoping to form partnerships with yoga and meditation studio owners, who act as ambassadors for Yoga Philosophy. If a partnership sounds interesting to you, where Yoga Philosophy supports your business and practice of yoga or meditation, please do write back, and we can talk more. 

I would like to stress that the variety of partnering I am considering does not involve displacing staff or  teachers that you already have commitments too. I am available for in-person instruction, if you would like to pursue that possibility, but my primary aim of Yoga Philosophy is to provide information, content and courses online. This is meant to compliment what you already offer. 

As well, if you wish to speak to me in person, please do. Please book an appointment and I will phone you back. 

Please do sign-up for Yoga Philosophy: its FREE

Best wishes,

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