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Dhāraṇā (Limb 6)
Part 1 of the Three Part saṃyama

deśa-bandhaś-cittasya dhāraṇā


deśa = country, location, region

bandhaḥ = fastening, binding

cittasya = of or among mentality (thinking, thought), intellect, ego, senses

dhāraṇā = fixing attention


Concentration binds the mind on to a single area.

(YS III.1)

This sixth limb, dhāraṇā, or concentration, is one of the three limbs grouped together in Book III of the Yoga Sūtra known together as "with yama" --- saṃyama. The idea is that you have to practice these three with yama, the first limb. These last three limbs are sometimes presented as something one does cross legged, with eyes closed. But the actual description of these three limbs together depict them as the activity of power building and research that allow a yogi to be prosperous.  

Book III where these three limbs are discussed is often depicted as one of the most confusing portions of the Yoga Sūtra. This has more to do with the assumptions people bring to the topic than the topic itself. If you wish to delve deeply into these three limbs, the practice of power and knowledge building, and the creation of prosperity, join Yoga Philosophy, Level 1, 100 Hour Certification Training. The training consists in four courses, and that one can take at one's own pace. These courses count for Continuing Education Hours through various governing bodies, like Yoga Alliance, and the outcome is knowledge and depth of understanding that is unparalleled.  This program is ongoing. Sign up any time.


The Limbs of Yoga are Corrections to Practice 

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